One More Win


In the first two games of the Finals, the big three looked unstoppable, led by possible Finals MVP Tony Parker.
game threeIf the Cavs were going to have any luck in this series, they would have to stop at least one of them. So on a night when Duncan, Parker and Ginobili looked mediocre at best scoring a combined 34 points, the Cavs couldn’t find a way to do much better themselves.
While Duncan, Parker and Ginobili had difficulties in repeating their game 1 and 2 performances, luckily Bruce Bowen was there to sink 4 of 5 three pointers for 13 points and nine rebounds to help the Spurs to a 75-72 game three win.
On the last possession of the game and down by three, the Cavs inbounded the ball to LeBron James. He was intentionally fouled by Bowen to prevent a three-pointer. The whistle wasn’t blown and James took an uncontested three a bit outside of his range and missed while time expired.
Immediately, James went up to referee Bob Delaney to plead his case. Cavs fans may be and probably should be upset, but the reality is, the foul would have put James at the line for two foul shots, and if he sank both, the Cavs would still be down by one with seconds left. James took the classy route and decided to not make excuses, saying his shot wasn’t affected and he had a clear shot and could not make it.
Although it was an ugly win, and the second lowest-scoring game in Finals history, it was a win and the Spurs don’t have any problems taking a 3-0 lead.
I know it was ugly,” Brent Barry said, “but we’re up 3-0 at the end of the day, and that’s all that counts in the series.”
The Spurs will look to deliver the knockout punch and complete a sweep tomorrow night on the Cavs’ home court for their fourth championship.