On the possible plan to send Myck Kabongo to the Toros


The San Antonio Spurs cut ties with former Texas Longhorn Myck Kabongo and two others recently as the team continues to trim down the roster as the new season inches closer.

With two of the three players not seemingly to be a part of the Spurs' system this coming season, Kabongo will have a shot at possibly making the team at a later time. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Spurs plan to send him to the Austin Toros, their D-League affiliate.


Many felt he left Texas too early but you have to consider that if he does sign with the Spurs' D-League affiliate, he should get the type of exposure of the NBA game that he possibly would not get if he did stay in Texas.

I am not saying that every player who goes to the developmental league comes out prepared and ready to play the game at the highest level.

Two players in point that it affected in a good way and a bad are current Spurs guard Cory Joseph and current Indiana Pacer Ian Mahinmi.

Joseph has been vocal before about his time in Austin. During the season, I remember reading a story about him asking to go back to the Toros so he could work on more of his craft and frankly, it has done him really good. Knowing the system and being with an organization that prides themselves on performing at such a high level is all the motivation one would need to work hard.

Joseph has proven that patience and hard work does pay off. He is primed to be the back-up at the point guard position behind Tony Parker. His attitude is that of a leader.

In an interview back in July, he told Fox Sports Southwest that he just "worries about being a point guard and leading his team to wins." To me, this is what he developed while in Austin. A will to be a leader on a team.

On the back-end of this, every system is not right for every player. Ian Mahinmi played just 34 games while in San Antonio for two seasons and spent time in Austin. While in San Antonio, he struggled, and struggled and continued to struggle despite time spent with the Toros to get familiar with the Spurs' system. The system was not fit for Mahinmi. Though I am one that would of loved to see him continue to play with the Spurs, it just didnt' work.

For Myck, he is a young player, 21 years old, and does have a tremendous upside. I can see him breaking into the Spurs' system and coming out of being a player as Joseph has become.

I may be jumping the gun here a bit but I can say right now that Kabongo could possibly be putting heat on Nando De Colo. Am I wrong? Tell me?

What I want to see from Kabongo if and when he does go to Austin, and what many other draft experts have stated, when he did leave Texas early is that of taking care of the ball, limiting his turnovers. He also will need to work on his transition defense as well as in the half-court.

The NBA level is a physical game and every mistake can lead to something for the opposition. It be better if he learns this now with Austin, rather than see himself buried on the bench in San Antonio. 

Let's hear from you Spurs fans. Will Kabongo going to Austin affiliate Toros be a good thing for Kabongo or a bad thing?