On Location: Spurs vs. Philadelphia 76ers


Note: Cross-posted at ProjectSpurs.com
Hey Spurscast/Project Spurs fans! It’s me, Jeff G., to give you another report from an on-location game this time the in City Of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, as the San Antonio Spurs took on the Philidelphia 76ers.
Another historic night for the Spurscast as I bring you videos, audio and photos of the Spurs on the road taking on the 76ers.
Though the night didn’t begin on a good note, it was freezing temperatures, snowing and I was fighting a terrible cold. But as I settled in for the game, I noticed the Wachovia Center was smaller than expected and not big at all. As the fans were filing in, I thought I was in San Antonio because the Spurs fans outnumbered the 76ers fans. Even die-hard 76’ers fans were commenting about the many Spurs fans.
What a game it was. The Spurs had no brotherly love for the 76ers as the Spurs pummelled the Philly team. As the game progressed, I noticed that in Philly, they refer to Samuel Dalembert as Sammy. Oh and the fans really hate the trade of AI to Denver and were not afraid to boo the 76ers at every moment the team made mistakes.
Overall it was another great night for the Spurscast and Project Spurs. What other Spurs website can bring you videos, audio, photos from a fans perspective?
I hope you enjoy the many videos, audio and photos and stay tuned for the on-location podcast and vidcast coming soon.