OMG! San Antonio has a new favorite Selena


You guys, the San Antonio Spurs Q score just went up by a couple of points!  On national television, the San Antonio Spurs performed a beat down of the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday night, avenging last week’s embarrassing loss to this same Kobe-less Laker team.  Tim Duncan turned back the clock with a posterization of Josh McRoberts and Tony Parker might have had the best performance of this great season.  But I’m really not talking about any of that.  One music sensation has been outed by ESPN LA writer Arash Markazi as a San Antonio Spurs fan.

“Selena Gomez is not making friends courtside; standing up and cheering for San Antonio. Spurs 78, Lakers 58 in the 3rd.”

Move over Eva Longoria, we don’t need you anymore!  OM F’ing G! Selena Gomez is a San Antonio Spurs fan!  Something about women named Selena and South Texas that go together I guess.  Minutes after Markazi out Gomez, she tweeted her own support for the Silver and Black


A little background on Gomez.  She was born in Grand Prairie, TX which is wedged right in between Irving and Arlington.  So suck on that Mavs fans.  She’s also Justin Bieber’s girlfriend and was apparently taunting the Biebs courtside.  Nice work there, Selena.  Also there could a Selena sighting in San Antonio come playoff time.  Someone should make that happen.  It would be like, the sweetest thing ever.  Totally.

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