Offseason Notes 9/18


crawford• Joey Crawford reinstated
On Monday, David Stern reinstated Joey Crawford five months after he was suspended indefinitely. Reportedly, Crawford had lunch about an hour after being reinstated and attempted to eject a couple at a nearby table for laughing.

• Tim and Manu make All-World Team
In Charley Rosen’s column on Fox Sports, (or at least that’s what he calls it) he was asked what 12 players for any country would he put together to compete in the Olympics and Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili were among his selections.
“Manu Ginobili would be a huge improvement over Mike Miller, adding a spark that Miller lacks. But above all, Ginobili has been a winner at every level in which he has competed…And I’d find a way to make Tim Duncan change his mind about playing in the Olympics. So my projected daydream team would look like this: Kidd, Nash, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Ginobili, Yao, Duncan, Dwight Howard, Michael Redd, Williams and Dwyane Wade.

• Coyote makes it to the Mascot Hall of Fame
The Spurs Coyote beat out all of the Competition on the 2007 ballot for the Mascot Hall of Fame with 43,283 votes over Mr. Met, Hugo the Hornet, The Mariner Moose and the Oriole Bird. The HOF also gave a pity vote to Mr. Met after one New York publication made a plea for fans to vote for him and in the same article calling the Coyote a wimp.

• Imaginary interview with Bruce Bowen
Brandon May has a hilarious imaginary interview up with Bruce Bowen. Even as a Spurs and Bowen fan, I couldn’t help but laugh while reading this. Some of the gems from Brandon, or shall I say, the dude’s interview:

Dude: Were you in Tony Parker’s wedding this summer?
Bruce: Yes, I was involved.
Dude: Were you a groomsman?
Bruce: No. Security. Any paparazzi punks get near the chapel, it’s Go Time. That was my motto. I didn’t actually get to attend the wedding. They were afraid of what I might do to the patrons if I got on the dance floor, what with it being hardwood and all. I just can’t switch off on the hardwood. Gotta stay “crafty”.

• SI says Tim needs to loosen up
On’s Daily List a few weeks back, they listed five players who need to loosen up. Here’s what they had to say about Tim Duncan:

If you get to know him, you’ll find that off the floor, Duncan is a bright, funny, engaging guy with a passion for video games and technology. Which is a polite way of saying that unless you get the chance to know Duncan, you will never know what floats his boat; the man is expressionless. In Vegas, Duncan could be a baller and shot-caller.

• So long, Melvin
The New Orleans Hornets have signed Melvin Ely, who was acquired in a trade from the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Eric Williams last year. We hardly knew ya, Melvin. Not that we really wanted to get to know you after we saw you get schooled by Jared Reiner against the Bucks last year. Who? Exactly.

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