Oberto’s long journey back to the hardwood


ObertoFormer San Antonio Spurs center Fabricio Oberto retired from the NBA last season due to cardiac conditions, and while it’s been a long road to recovery, Oberto finally made his return to professional basketball last week.

When Oberto entered Friday’s game against Puerto Rico in the FIBA Americas Championship, it marked a triumphant return to the game after not only surgery but recovering from a fibrillar rupture.

“I returned to life,” Oberto said in an interview with FIBA.com. “I passed through tough days but I had the perseverance to go on working with the team doctor and kinesiologist and I made it.”

While Argentina remained unbeaten through the first few games without Oberto, his loss was certainly felt, especially on defense.

When Oberto finally entered the game against Puerto Rico, fans chanted his name, and in just 12.5 minutes per game through two games, Oberto is averaging three points and 3.5 rebounds, making on impact on Argentina’s interior defense and playing the smart offense he was known for in San Antonio.

“It was amazing, my legs were shaking when they cheered my name.” Oberto told FIBA.com after his first two games. “I’m really thankful of how they treated me and I will try to give all that love back inside the court.”

You can find Oberto’s full interview, including his thoughts on upcoming games for Argentina, at FIBA.com