O.J. Mayo asks: How do the Spurs still win?


Since the beginning of the Tim Duncan era in San Antonio, the San Antonio Spurs have been perennial title contenders, winners of 50-plus regular season games (except the 1999 lockout-shortened season) season-in and season-out, and made the postseason annually which included four NBA titles along the way.

The Spurs have been the model franchise for years and have been the blueprint for other teams to follow. With selfless Hall of Fame bound players such as Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, San Antonio has set the standard team play with egos checked at the door.

And Bucks' O.J. Mayo has taken notice.

Milwaukee heads into the new season with new faces. Aside from Mayo, former Spur Gary Neal, Caron Butler, and Brandon Knight, the Bucks will look to make the playoffs and Mayo looks to the Spurs as to what it takes to make a successful team.

Via Rant Sports:
“People say how do the Spurs still win? The Spurs let the ball make the play. They aren’t worried about if Tim Duncan is getting his 20 and 10 or Tony Parker is getting his 25 or (Manu) Ginobili is coming off the bench getting his 15 to 18. It’s about getting the ball moving, everyone touching it and winning basketball.
“Once a young team understands that and has a selfless attitude, that it’s all about Milwaukee, it’s all about getting to the post-season and being successful, then you know you have a heck of a team.”
For the Bucks to make it to the postseason in the East, Mayo will have to apply his own words above. Mayo is a scorer but will he be willing to pass up shots and not worry about his touches? Same goes for the rest of the Bucks.

Not only that, Milwaukee will have to build chemistry, understand roles they will fill and play team ball just like San Antonio.

The East is top-heavy with the Heat, Nets, Knicks, Pacers, and Bulls likely to be the top teams. The remaining three playoff spots are wide open with the Bucks able to get in.
At least Mayo has the right idea – do as the Spurs do.