Spurs first round predictions


With a win tonight, the Nuggets are officially the sixth seed in the Western Conference. Both the Spurs and Suns won tonight and remain two games apart with three games left in the season. It’s looking more and more like it’ll be a Spurs-Nuggets first round.
Tonight on our weekly Spurs podcast, The Spurscast, we discussed the matchup a but and weighed in on how the series would go. I said the Spurs would win in six games.
While, Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson are great scorers and Marcus Camby (my choice for DPOY) is a great defender, I don’t think Denver is good enough defensively as a team to be able to play the Spurs style and win and they aren’t a good enough team to impose their will on the Spurs and have it be a fast-paced series. I think Denver would actually prefer drawing Phoenix instead of the Spurs, but in the end, I give them two games in the series.
Jeff Garcia shocked me and said the Spurs would take it in 5 games. He’s been telling me this week that he’s worried about the Nuggets and that it could be a tough opening series like the series against the Kings last year, especially since Bruce Bowen seems to have the most trouble with Carmelo Anthony of all his opponents.
Break out the brooms, because Mike Paceleo predicted a first round sweep of the Nuggs.
Next week we’ll have an in-depth look at the series with positional matchups and analysis on the Spurscast and here on the blog. If it ends up being the Nuggets, we’ll hopefully bring on Alan Switzer of Nuggets Hoops to talk about things from a Nuggets fan’s perspective.
The episode of the Spurscast we record tonight with our regular season awards, Spurs team awards along with our predictions will go up on Sunday on the Spurscast page. Give it a listen when you get a chance.
Also, with the playoffs coming around, expect even more blogging and podcasting. We’ll be attempting to live blog every game of the first round and have our “series primer” for each series the Spurs play as well as a few post game shows.

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