Nuggets’ Lawson says Javtokas is quite the character


San Antonio Spurs 2001 draft pick Robertas Javtokas is known to be a burly, tough post player. He even has a tattoo of a shark on his arm which lends to his tough reputation. But who knew he is also quite the comedian.

Denver Nuggets’ Ty Lawson spent time with Lithuanian squad BC Žalgiris during the NBA lockout which meant he was teamed up with Javtokas and it seems he left a lasting impression on Lawson.

And by “lasting impression” I mean Lawson recalls how he saw Javtokas smoking in the shower after a game.

“I was like, ‘What’s that smell?’ ” Lawson recalled.

He then spotted his teammate, Robertas Javtokas, standing under the shower … smoking a cigarette.

“I look over, he’s puffing and says, ‘Oh, what’s up Ty?’ ” Lawson said with a laugh.

How Robertas managed to keep the cigarette lit in the shower is a wonder but if you think it ended there with stories of hilarity, Lawson recalls Robertas’ reaction to missing an easy bucket.

“I remember one game, I threw him a full-court pass,” Lawson said. “He was by himself and he just drops it. So we go back to the bench – I’m mad. Dead-serious mad. And he says: ‘I must have put too much butter on my bread this morning.’ And that turned my whole mood around. We were down 10 in the fourth quarter and I just started laughing.”

With this kind of humor, it’s a shame he probably will never wear a black and silver uniform. Though if these stories are any indication, I bet he probably be one of the few Spurs players to ever make coach Popovich constantly crack a smile and laugh.

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