Nowitzki says his 2006 play against Spurs his best


The Los Angeles Lakers ran into a buzz saw that was the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki in their 2011 playoff semifinals matchup.

Los Angeles had nothing to stop Dirk as he led Dallas to a stunning sweep over the then defending NBA champs.

But does Dirk consider his stellar play during the Lakers series to be his best? No and Nowitzki points to the 2006 playoff matchup with the San Antonio Spurs as his best series ever:

“I think the ’06 series against the Spurs was my best series and maybe some of the best basketball I’ve played in my life,” Nowitzki said. “Over the seven-game stretch, I don’t think there was one bad game in there. Just attacking, and shooting the ball and really playing well. So I think that to me still stands out as the best series. And obviously going by San Antonio in a Game 7 situation on the road I will never forget that experience.”

Great memories for Dirk. Horrible memories for Spurs fans as they saw San Antonio fight back from a 20 point deficit to take the lead only to lose Game 7 in dramatic fashion when Nowitzki drove to the basket and get fouled by Manu Ginobili to tie up the game and force overtime.

The Spurs would not defend their NBA title and lost to Dallas, 119-111. Dallas would eventually move on to the 2006 NBA Finals where the Mavericks would lose to the Miami Heat after going up 2-0.

A great memory for Spurs fans. A horrible one for Mavericks fans.