Now you can be one of the Spurs’ ‘Big 3’… sort of


Have you ever wanted to hit a soft bank-shot like Tim Duncan? Perhaps hit the teardrop shot on your way to the rim? Or maybe hit your defender with a euro-step like Manu Ginobili?

Well you can still do that but good look seeing through these Spurs head tee shirts.

Local San Antonio business Ace Screen Graphics has been printing out tee shirts where a San Antonio Spurs fan can simply flip the shirt over their haed and viola, they now have the face of Manu, Tony or Timmy over their head!

Damien Velasco, a graphic designer, came up with the idea for the shirts. He first put them in the spotlight while cheering for the Spurs at the Westlakes Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on Tuesday night.

“Pretty much, the best thing you can do as a fan, is be the player yourself. So that’s where I go the idea,” he said.

And it seems even Parker's mom got in the act as well.

“Tony Parker's mom came by yesterday and got one for Tim, Manu and Tony. So the actual players now have the shirts themselves. It's just the best feeling in the world to know the people on the shirts, have the shirts,” expressed Velasco.

So what do you have to say Spurs fans? Which Spurs head tee will you pick?