Notable read: In-depth interview with Aldridge (Vice Sports)


Michael Pina of Vice Sports published a great feature on San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge today, discussing everything from his departure from Portland, his trouble adjusting to the Spurs’ system, the offseason meeting with Gregg Popovich and his relationship with Kawhi Leonard.

“I felt like I had to have that conversation. It was like this has to happen. It wasn’t about being nervous, it was about going about it the right way, making sure it was professional. Making sure I respected everything about him and the organization. I feel like the way I went about it and how I communicated my feelings, he listened to me. It was about figuring out how to do it in the right way so he doesn’t think I’m some arrogant punk just trying to cause problems.”

Read the full feature on Vice Sports.


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