Nocioni turned down Spurs’ offer


When the San Antonio Spurs were looking for a small forward, Tracy McGrady may not have been the first option. It's being reported the Spurs were looking at an Argentinian player to join Manu Ginobili in silver and black.

Andres Nocioni turned down an offer from the Spurs 15 days ago according to . Nocioni's agent confirmed he got an offer from NBA (@SportandoBasket)

This is disappointing news for Spurs fans who are in love with Argentinian players who show heart and play hard every night. We're seeing that right now with Manu Ginobili in the playoffs, but saw that with Fabricio Oberto also when he was on the team. Nocioni would've brought toughness and he's been known to guard the power forward position, which would've been a tough guard with his 3-point shooting.

What do you think of this news Spurs fans? Would Nocioni have been a good addition if he would've accepted?