No Scrubs: One-and-Dones to know in 2023’s NBA Draft

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The 2022 NBA Draft is very much over and now everyone is waiting with bated breath to see how the players perform in the upcoming Summer League and regular NBA season. Some of us are already getting ready for the 2023 NBA Draft though. You know a few names for that draft already. Now here are some more for you.

Cameron Whitmore

The 6-foot-7, 220-pound wing is one of the best dunkers in this class, if not the best. He wants to throw down every time he gets to the paint and can attack the rim. He uses his physicality well to bully his way through traffic and smaller defenders. He shot well at the high school level and that should translate to what many assume will be his lone year at Villanova.

Nick Smith

The 6-foot-5, 185-pound guard has a smooth game and finds his teammates exceptionally well. He makes tough passes from just about every angle, and can run as a point or shooting guard in your offense. He doesn’t have elite burst, but he moves quickly and could be the best scorer in the 2023 draft class. He will also have an opportunity to play with a ton of other talent at Arkansas for a season.

Keyonte George

Another 6-foot-5 guard in this class, Keyonte George weighs in at  205 pounds. The Baylor commit is a smooth athlete who gets to the rim well and finishes there more often than not. He has an easy-looking three-point shot and his build allows him to absorb contact and finish through it. He uses the Euro-step well and keeps defenders on skates with jabs and fakes.

Jarace Walker

The 6-foot-8, 235-pound Walker played with Keyonte George at IMG Academy and he was certainly no second fiddle. The powerful hybrid forward has strengthened his mid-range game on being Houston’s highest ranked recruit in the modern recruiting era. He rebounds, gets to the rim on offense, and passes well at his size. Especially off the dribble.

Dillon Mitchell

The 6-foot-7, 195-pound lefty is headed to Texas this season. He is a fluid athlete with great bounce that moves like a gazelle. Out of this group, he may be the most raw talent since he still has a ways to go with his shooting. It’s a bit of a sidewinder when he shoots, but his mid-range has shown improvement. He has a decent handle for his size, but if he works on it some more, it could become dangerous.

Cason Wallace

A 6-foot-4, 180-pound guard who’s headed to Kentucky this season. He’ll have an opportunity to show how well he can score as Sahvir Wheeler should be setting him up often. He is smooth with his handle and is excellent at getting to his mid-range pull up. He’s also a good defender who racks up steals with sticky fingers and quick hands in passing lanes.

Anthony Black

The 6-foot-7, 195-pound point guard will likely run the show for Arkansas right away. He’ll have the chance to play with Nick Smith and the second-ranked recruiting class in the country. With his passing ability and size, he should make it clear how good he can be as a Shaun Livingston-sized point guard. He will have to improve his shooting though.



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