No need to rush back NBA


This is the one time of year that I live for. The start of Fall means the getting into the meat of the college and pro football, the end of baseball season, and, of course the start of the NBA.

This year, it looks like we’ll miss out on that last one.

Let me preface all this by saying I’m a HUGE basketball fan.

Growing up in the city of San Antonio, the NBA is the only major sport that plays in my backyard. All the other allegiances that I hold for pro teams are at least a four hour drive away from where I live.

I grew up bleeding Silver and Black. At one time, I cherished an Dwayne Schintzius autographed basketball. I showed up to dozens of games the year Dominique Wilkins was the San Antonio Spurs leading scorer. Something got in my eyes when I saw David Robinson lift that trophy after the last game he ever played.

My career, at one point, was dedicated to following those guys every move.

In spite of all that… I’m not terribly heartbroken if we don’t get the season started on time. Part of me even wonder if I’d even be THAT beat up if the season doesn’t happen at all.

Why might I feel like that?

The answer is simple… I’ve felt like that for a long time!

Let’s all be honest with ourselves here. Basketball doesn’t REALLY start to get fun until the Christmas day games.

As Spurs fans, this past season was the first time in the Tim Duncan era that they looked like they were running at full tilt in November. We would watch team after team let us know they’re not REALLY going to ratchet it up until the rodeo road trip.

As one could imagine, I’ve been conditioned to say things like “I’m only worried about how they’re playing in February.” “Who cares if they lost two of three, we know they’ll be ready by March.” “A game against Dallas in November isn’t that big of a deal, if it were the Rodeo Road Trip we might have some problems though.”

If I was saying that while they were in the season why would I change that while they aren’t playing.

To be honest, football has become so much fun and such a great product on TV (not to mention all the side things around it fantasy football, eliminator pools, etc.) that there was no way I’d give the NBA my full attention until early January anyways.

So you guys take your time.

Continue to lockout the NBA players.

I don’t care.

There is a league that cares enough about making their money and keeping fans interested…. and it’s not you. Much like you’re doing to us… I’ll get to caring about you when I can.

Too busy watching the offensive renaissance in the NFL to care about the NBA’s great infusion of talent over the last few years,


The average NBA fan.