No asterisk for Spurs’ 99 title says Jamal Mashburn


Here we are, in the midst of another NBA lockout.

The last time the players were locked out was in the 1998 which resulted in a shortened 1998-1999 NBA season (50 games) where the San Antonio Spurs went on to capture their first NBA title against the New York Knicks.

This also resulted in ex-NBA coach Phil Jackson proclaiming an asterisk must be attached to the Spurs’ 1999 title much to the dismay of Spurs fans across the globe.

However, former NBA player Jamal Mashburn thinks otherwise and says every team in the shortened season had a fair shake at the title:

“I thought it was fair from a historical perspective, and considering all the moving parts that came into play,” he said. “Everyone was on equal footing, everyone had to go through the same grind, the same process.”

Mashburn does make a good point. Every team had the same chance as the Spurs did in 1999. Luckily for the Spurs they caught fire just at the right time leading to one of the NBA’s best playoff runs in history. Also, the 1999 playoff system was the same as seasons before.

Thanks Mashburn and take that Jackson.

(photo: espn)

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