Next stop Manu Ginobili: London subway stations renamed for current, former Spurs


If you’re a San Antonio Spurs fan heading out to London this summer for the 2012 Olympics, don’t be surprised to hear the conductor announce that the next stop on your subway (or tube as they say in London) ride is the Manu Ginobili station, or the David Robinson station.

As part of the map of legends project for the Olympics, several subway stations will be renamed after NBA and international players, among other athletes, known for their Olympic success (via

Alex Trickett, former athletic director at the BBC, was the one who presented the project on the map of the legends of the Olympic Games, and said: “There were heated debates and some final changes, but we are happy with the result: dozens of nations represented, accounted for all Olympic sports.”

Robinson, a four-time Olympian and three-time gold medal winner joins other Dream Team members, and Ginobili will represent Argentina along with soccer’s Lionel Messi and others in London this summer.

Robinson already has a street named after him, “Admiral Way,” but a London subway station has to be a nice addition to the mantle.

But for Ginobili, hopefully the ride to the stop named after him is smooth, steady unlike the frenetic, fast-pace he tends to play at.