New ‘SPUR’ bus route doesn’t sit well in Mavs country


Well this should just add more fuel to the San Antonio Spurs-Dallas Mavericks rivalry.

A new bus route was launched in Forth Worth, TX (city next to Dallas, TX) named “SPUR”  which mean Signal Priority Urban Route. However, with the route’s name acting as a reminder of the NBA team in San Antonio, it’s already rubbing Mavericks fans the wrong way.

T planning director Curvie Hawkins said he struggled with the name at first, because it reminded him of the San Antonio Spurs basketball team. “I’m an avid Dallas Mavericks fan, and I wasn’t sure I could go along with a name for the route that reminded me of the San Antonio Spurs,” he quipped.

This is just rich and talk about fodder for Spurs fans to use on Mavs fans. What’s next? Is this new route going to eventually grow into four routes to remind Mavs fans of just how many titles San Antonio has over Dallas? Spurs fans can only hope.

But enjoy the ride on the SPUR Mavs fans. Yes it may remind you of the most successful NBA team in Texas but seeing how it’s just one route should also remind you of the Mavs.