New episode tomorrow


Episode 72 of the Spurscast will be out and available for direct download through this site or through iTunes starting tomorrow morning. Due to the time off for the holidays, this episode is taking a little longer to put up, especially since I pretty much stayed away from my computer on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Digg the Spurscast!While you’re waiting, why not digg us. Digg, the social news gathering website, has just added a podcasting directory and while the Spurscast is among the many podcasts available, it’ll take diggs from listeners to get us to actually be visible in the directory and not buried on the 200th page or so. If you are a digg member, just sign in and head over to the Spurscast page in the directory and click digg on the entire podcast as well as individual episodes. The more diggs, the more visible we are. Any comment would also be appreciated. If you’re not a digg user, you can sign up for free and digg away or even leave us a review on iTunes.
Again, look for episode 72 tomorrow morning and have a Happy New Year.