New BreakingT/Project Spurs shirt: DeRozing Time


Project Spurs is a partner with BreakingT, who designs some of the best looking licensed sports tees. They have a few San Antonio Spurs designs and wanted to add another to the collection and asked us about our thoughts on a shirt regarding DeMar DeRozan’s fast start with the Spurs.

As has been noted in our recent piece about DeRozan becoming the new “Captain Late” for the Spurs, Breaking T came up with DeRozing Time with a nod to the Semisonic song, “Closing Time.”

They used the Spurs fiesta color scheme, which DeRozan himself has been using on his sneakers on game nights.

Purchasing a shirt through our link gives Project Spurs a percentage of the overall sale, so if you’d like to support our staff, order your shirt here.


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