Nets reportedly met with Blatche


As the San Antonio Spurs’ 2012 training camp is now less than a month away, the team has yet to add any depth to its thin frontcourt consisting of Tim Duncan, Boris Diaw, Tiago Splitter, Matt Bonner, and DeJuan Blair.

Over the past month, the Spurs have been linked to free agent big man Andray Blatche formerly of the Washington Wizards. As of today, Blatche is still on the open market, but a report says that the Brooklyn Nets might be interested in signing Blatche, as former Spur and current Nets head coach Avery Johnson reportedly went to Houston over the weekend to meet the big man.

What’s even more interesting regarding Blatche and the Nets is that before the reports broke that the Nets were interested in Blatche, he himself tweeted something very peculiar.


If the meeting or workout did indeed happen, it’s unknown if the Nets offered Blatche any sort of deal, but for those Spurs fans wanting the silver and black to take a chance on Blatche, the Nets might have the upper hand right now as they have taken the initial first step in the pursuit of Blatche.