Nets' Deron Williams says Spurs are a tough team


New Jersey Nets’ Deron Williams was recently asked which team was the toughest he has faced either as a member of the Utah Jazz or the Nets.

His pick? The San Antonio Spurs.

“I’d say San Antonio. They just know how to manage, they know how to play and they  know how to win. They’re just consistent. So consistent.”

Williams went on to say as a member of the Eastern Conference, he has switched his hatred from the Spurs to the best in the East:

“Well that’s why I say you’ve got to switch your hatred. I’ve got to switch my hatred from the Lakers, the Spurs, now I’ve got to switch it to the Bulls, the Celtics. So it’s different.”

Consistency, and management. Two words you hear constantly from other players when talking about the Spurs.