Q&A with Neal on his All-Star experience


I had a chance to talk to San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal after last week’s New Jersey Nets game in San Antonio and ask him a few quick questions about his experience at All-Star Weekend.

Neal joined DeJuan Blair in the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge. Here is what he had to say.

What was your All-Star weekend experience like?

It was fun. It was great to be a part of All-Star weekend and stuff like that. I mean I had a good time out there. I was able to make a couple of shots in the game and stuff like that. It was exciting.

I saw you using a floater out there. Any chance we’ll see more of that with the Spurs?

Yeah, I mean I shoot floaters all the time. I have to, I’m not really athletic enough to dunk so I got a floater over the top of the big guys. That’s something I’ve added to my game.

What did you think of DeJuan’s performance for the sophomore team?

DeJuan played great. I think if the sophomores had won the game he would have been MVP, but they lost. I think he played good. I think he had a good game.

Neal played great as well, finishing the game with 20 points and four assists in just 26 minutes.

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