NBA Bloggers on the Jefferson trade


With the Spurs trade for Richard Jefferson nearly complete, Jeff and I decided to go to some bloggers around the league and get their opinions on the trade

Ryne Nelson, Slam Online
You heard it: Bruce Bowen is no longer a Spur. We knew it would happen someday, possibly, but nonetheless it’s still pretty unthinkable. At this point in his career the Spurs might’ve just awarded him an honorary spot at the end of the bench until Kobe retires, just to annoy the Mamba with threatening glares. But this… you know this is a business now. The Spurs throw away some refuse and dig up a still spry, high-character wing player. What a piece for the best organization in sports!
People forget Bowen’s early days in Miami, Philly and Boston since Bowen did most of his damage in the white and black, but now he’s officially been given the Damon Jones treatment. This is a sad and happy day for Spurs fans.
Graham Brunell, Celtics 17
The Bucks obviously agreed to this trade because they needed to cut some salary in order to sign two of the young players they’re most excited about — Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions. They’ll most likely go after Villy first because of his recent year. He’s transformed into a top scoring option for the Bucks, and is also a reliable rebounder for them. However, rumors of Michael Redd leaving should cool down now after one of the two superstars they had was traded. They’ll look for him to bounce back and play like the All-Star he has been performing like for the past few years now. They can only hope injuries won’t doom them like they have the past couple of season.
Audley Stephenson, The NBA Breakdown
I thought the Spurs missed the bus on VC last year, glad they waited. Takes offensive burden off TP &TD. No more 50 pt games for TP. Spurs upgrade give them a shot again…Shades of Sean Elliot. (via twitter)
It’s Win/Win.  RJ’s making like $30 over the next two…so obviously playing him that kind of money is going to be unpalatable to anyone.  So the Bucks get relief and three servicable guys. The Spurs have to replace Oberto/Thomas with a PF/C…but it’s not like either of those guys is irreplaceable and now you don’t have to rely solely on Tony or Manu for perimeter scoring. If Spurs could add a Carl Landry/Jason Maxiell type into the frontcourt somehow and let Timmy play C then you’d be good to go I would think.
If I thought about it and looked more at salaries, I’m sure I could find a better fit at SF but it’s not a terrible move if Buford/the owner are willing to overpay RJ.
If I’m Denver or Houston or Utah, I’d probably be like “Damn.” But I wouldn’t be terrified or anything. Parker, Manu, RJ, Gooden and Duncan is a damn good offense though.  I can’t see the Lakers really being too concerned as long as they re-sign Ariza and Odom, but it’s a very good move for the Spurs.
Ryan McNeill, HoopsAddict
I hate to be the person to rain on the parade, but the Spurs’ deal for Richard Jefferson isn’t going to a beneficial one for the franchise. 
Why wouldn’t the team benefit from obtaining a player who has a career scoring average of 17.7 points per game you ask? Because over the past few years Gregg Popovich and the rest of the front office, coaching staff and players have rallied around the franchise being one where players need to check their egos at the door and doing what it takes to win an NBA Championship. 
Sorry, but after interviewing Jefferson a couple of times over the past two seasons I just don’t see him as being that kind of player.
He pouted his way out Jersey once Jason Kidd was dealt. Then he sulked his way through a season in Milwaukee where he scored in bunches but did so after shooting a pededstrian 43.9% from the floor. Why would his attitude change now that he’s in San Antonio and he’ll be forced to share his minutes and field goal attempts?
Sorry Spurs fans, but this is one of those deals that has left me scratching my head in bewilderment.
Rey Moralde, from his post at The No Look Pass
Bowen is dead weight at this point. Kurt Thomas is 36 and Oberto is Oberto. They get an All-Star in Jefferson to fill the 3 spot. When healthy, a line-up of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Jefferson, and Tim Duncan is potent as hell. Plus they go from grandpas to teenagers in almost one fell swoop. And this is why I never count out the Spurs and this is why every NBA franchise wants to be just like the Spurs. They just simply… reload.
Zach Harper, Talk Hoops and Cowbell Kingdom

I’m always curious to see how the so-called “malcontents” mesh with a veteran squad like the Spurs that put team before individuals. Popovich hammers into every player’s skull that they don’t matter as a singular player. And this has sort of been an issue with Richard Jefferson before. He’s not the Stephon Marbury on Minnesota type of selfish player. He’s the type of player that speaks out against everything he feels is wrong and doesn’t necessarily care about how the message is delivered or might be received by his teammates. He’s the type of malcontent that you can turn easily with some winning. He’s their new Glenn Robinson project, except instead of a broken down has-been small forward option off the bench, Jefferson will be the fourth scoring option playing 35 minutes per game and feeding off of the already established stars in San Antonio. If I had to put money on this working out positively for the Spurs, I’d bet it all. If I had to bet money on them re-acquiring some of the players they traded away to get Richard Jefferson in addition to turning him into a great weapon for their system, I’d take out a big loan and bet that too. This couldn’t have been a more one-sided deal for San Antonio, assuming that Pop and the gang can get Jefferson to fall into line.