NBA unveils special Christmas Day uniforms, showcases Spurs too


After all the presents are opened on Christmas Day, the avid basketball fan that wants to avoid the in-laws can park it in front of the TV for a quintuple-header of NBA games. But don’t be alarmed if the jerseys look a little different on December 25th.

On Monday, the NBA unveiled their special “BIG Color” uniforms that will debut this Christmas. They’re just one color with a text outline.

“We worked with Adidas to amplify our long-standing tradition of playing on Christmas Day,” said NBA Executive Vice President Global Merchandising Sal LaRocca. “BIG Color gives our players an enhanced look on the court and highlights one of the most visible dates during our season with a new and exciting range of products.”

The San Antonio Spurs don’t play on Christmas day, but they were one of five teams that were also part of the unveiling. Their jersey is all gray with black text. Check it out.









I honestly don’t know how I feel about these uniforms. I probably won’t be able to form a true opinion until I see them in action. My first impulse is that they’re too simple and won’t look as good as the designers think, but I definitely could be wrong.

After the Spurs already got some criticism for their new uniforms that look like practice jerseys, what do you think about the special “BIG Color” jerseys that they’ll be wearing sometime after Christmas? What about the other NBA teams? Is there a clear favorite? I think the Rockets get my vote.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Will you be asking for one this Christmas?