NBA Season Restart Scrimmage Schedule Released


Before the San Antonio Spurs officially begin their 8-game seeding schedule on July 31, they’ll first participate in three scrimmage games from July 23-July 28. This will allow players to adapt to game situations, since 5-on-5 scenarios have been off limits since the season was suspended in March.

The Spurs will face the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, and Indiana Pacers in their scrimmage games.

July 23 Spurs vs Bucks 2:00 PM CT

July 25 Nets vs Spurs 3:30 PM CT

July 28 Spurs vs Pacers 3:00 PM CT

The league wanted to make sure each team participating in Orlando scrimmaged against teams from the opposite conference and teams they won’t be facing in the seeding games.


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