NBA lockout could affect Ginobili playing for Argentina


With the looming NBA lockout, seems it may impact not only derail the next NBA season, it may derail Manu Ginobili playing for the Argentinian national team this summer.

According to, the Argentina Basketball Confederation is worried that the potential NBA lockout could prevent Argentina from securing insurance for players such as Ginobili and without such insurance, Ginobili and other Argentinian players in the NBA cannot play at this summer’s Olympic qualifier in Argentina.

Also according to the report, Ginobili is talking to the NBA player’s union on playing this summer even if a lockout occurs:

“Right now it may not authorize the players,” Vaccaro shot. But he said that the Argentine players are trying to mediate: “Luis (Scola) and Manu (Ginobili) are talking to the players’ union to resolve,” he said. 

This event may also affect Spurs’ Tony Parker who said he will play for the French national team this summer.