NBA GM Survey says coaches love them some Coach Pop

0 released their annual GM survey Tuesday and one San Antonio Spurs related story that came out of it is Coach Gregg Popovich will not be hurting for work if he decides to ever leave San Antonio and keep coaching. 

The survey shows that 42% of GMs surveyed think Pop is the best coach in the league, good for first. 43% of GMs think Pop is the best manager/motivator of people, good for first. 36% of GMs surveyed think Pop makes the best in game adjustments of any coach, also good for first. He also finished tied for 3rd for best offensive schemes, and he tied for second in defensive schemes. Coach Mike Budenholzer finished 3rd in the best assistant coach category.

63% of GMs think the Spurs are going to win the Southwest and despite Manu’s injury, I don’t really know why anyone should think differently. Seven percent of GMs even think the Spurs are going to win the west. No one thinks they’re going to win the title.

On the player side, Tim Duncan was in the “also receiving votes” category for best power forward. Kawhi Leonard also ended up in the also receiving votes category for “which rookie is likely to have sleeper success”. Tim Duncan tied for fifth in “the best leader” category. Chris Paul finished first in that category and amazingly Kobe Bryant finished second. Who thinks Kobe is a good leader??? He’s the biggest me first a-hole in the league. Anyways, Duncan also finished tied for fourth with among other players, Manu Ginobili in the “best basketball IQ”. So basically, GMs still think Tim Duncan is useful. They’re right. The only time Tony Parker was mentioned was in the “which player is fastest with the ball” category. Ginobili also came in third in the “which player is best moving without the ball” category and was also mentioned in the “Which player would you wanting taking the last shot with the game on the line” category.