NBA Essay: How to Write a Persuasive Paper

Students write different academic papers, which have different purposes. Although their variety sometimes confuses young minds, it’s of great importance. Every paper develops different skills and sufficiently increases the experience of students. Thus, educators frequently assign persuasive papers. It’s a pretty complex piece, which demands to persuade your readers that your point of view is correct. A lot depends on the topic of an essay. Most teens will be glad to write about sports and so, teachers sometimes assign an NBA persuasive essay.

Of course, even your favorite topic may induce some trouble because of the specification of this paper. Some youngsters prefer to use professional online help where they can pay experts to have their essays written from scratch. If you place online questions similar to “I’m looking for someone to write my paper”, you’re doing the right thing if you contact an expert essay writing service like WriteMyPaperHub. How else can you write a good essay and receive high grades? However, our informative article can provide you with helpful insights that will help to write an NBA persuasive essay using your wits and our tips.

Narrow the Topic

You should start by narrowing your topic. The National Basketball Association is a very broad understanding and it’ll take too long to describe everything. You should focus on something specific, which is relevant to your readers. For example, everybody knows that the Afro-Americans perform much better than white athletes in basketball. Therefore, focus on this phenomenon and propose the following topic “Why Afro-Americans Are the Best Basketball Players?”

Some Tips on How to Start a Persuasive Essay

It’s important to begin confidently and your thesis statement should help. It’s the central idea of the entire project and we recommend crafting it before writing the outline and introduction. It’s a reasonable step because you’ll have the main argument to dwell upon. After you create a strong thesis statement, it’ll be easier to plan the whole essay. Every time you aren’t sure whether your examples and explanations are inappropriate, look at the thesis to get the answer.

Mind that you cannot hypothesize something in this type of essay. A persuasive paper demands clear facts and arguments. Therefore, be straight to the point and firmly prove that you’re confident concerning the things you write about.

You should always support your arguments. To do that, an in-depth research is required. Make sure you verify all the information sources you intend to use in your essay. For example, you should obligatorily mention the racial differences between Afro-Americans and white Americans. They undoubtedly play an important role in success. Perhaps natural predisposition and the structure of muscles are also important. Seek approved results of studies and researches to provide your readers with trustworthy facts.

Create an Outline and Draft of Your Persuasive Paper

The next step is the creation of a good outline. It should include the main writing stages, which are the introduction, main plot, and conclusion. It’s better to set clear deadlines to maintain control over the process of writing and be on time. We’ll briefly describe what you’re supposed to do at each stage.

  • Introduction. Introduce the topic and the main problem you’ll highlight in the essay. Shortly present the most popular and important opinions concerning the main problem. Afterward, state your own opinion, which is your thesis statement.
  • Main plot. The main paragraphs of your essay should develop the thesis statement. Commonly, it’s done with the help of three sub-arguments. Accordingly, you should write three paragraphs with one sub-argument. Make sure they aren’t too long. One of the main purposes of persuasive papers is to convince the audience and fully reveal your concept without doing that too long. If you’re well prepared and use effective examples, you’ll definitely manage that in three short paragraphs.
  • Conclusion. The final stage is a summary of the entire research. You should briefly remind the readers about the sub-arguments stated in the plot. Make them unique and logical. Afterward, introduce your personal viewpoint. It’s also necessary to explain the importance of the results you have achieved. Thus, you provide your readers with some feeling of closure.

Final Touches

If you think that your conclusion is the last step to take, you’re wrong. It’s also vital to revise your persuasive essay on NBA topics. All teachers and professors always ask their students to reread their projects at least twice. We all are human and so, inevitably make some mistakes. Even if it’s a small mistake, it will deprive you of important grades. Err is human, but editing is divine! Therefore, edit your persuasive paper before you submit it.

This can be done in several ways. The most obvious way is to read the text in your head. Most students do that and thus, spot the drawbacks. We recommend reading aloud because when you use your voice, you activate your hearing. Consequently, there are more chances you’ll see a mistake or understand that some parts are weak and don’t fit the main argument.

Besides, we recommend using smart checking applications. They help students in a variety of ways. You can check:

  • Grammar;
  • Spelling;
  • Punctuation;
  • Lexicon;
  • Readability, etc.

The checkup runs in several seconds. Thus, you save heaps of precious time and receive dependable results. Using our prompts, you’ll write a great piece.