NBA Draft: Spurs take Deshaun Thomas, guy who wouldn’t give them his number


Deshaun ThomasWith the 58th pick in the NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs select Deshaun Thomas, a 6'7" forward from Ohio State.  This guy can put the ball in the hole. But enough of that analysis. This is the guy that refused to give the Spurs his phone number at the NBA Draft Combine. 

“I can’t go around giving it out to everyone,” Thomas said Thursday with a laugh. “Now if they want to draft me, I’d be happy to give it to them.”

I can't believe this worked out for him.  You don't reward that untrusting behavior.  Maybe R.C. Buford and Gregg Popovich enjoyed the fact that he's a secretive guy, not immediately trusting.  Either way, this guy averaged 19.8 points and six rebounds a game last year.  While he's looked at as a great shooter, he only shot 34 percent from three last year and 44 percent overall.  Still, he's 6'7" with a 6'10" wingspan, which is pretty good size.  He's not much of an athlete though, which could hold him back.

Unlike Livio Jean-Charles, we're almost certainly going to see Thomas at Summer League.  How about it Spurs fans, anyone you would've liked to have seen picked?