Live Draft Blog – Spurs pick Tiago Splitter, Marcus Williams


Ustream is not working for the live video tonight so I’ll write my draft thoughts here. My picks for the Spurs during the pre-draft podcast were Alando Tucker, Jared Dudley and Ramon Sessions, but I wouldn’t be suprised to see them pick Peterri Koponen, Arron Aflalo, Morris Almond, or if he falls, Rudy Fernandez with their first round pick.
1. Portland – Greg Oden
No suprise here. Everyone has been saying for some time now that Greg Oden would be number 1. I think Durant is the better player and probably a better fit, but they had to pick Oden.
2. Seattle – Kevin Durant
This guy is gonna be a beast. As a Texas fan, I got to watch him quite a bit and ever since I saw him in the first game before I had heard of him, I was floored and knew he wouldn’t be at Texas long.
Sonics and Celtice are rumored in a trade involving Rat Allen, Delonte West and the Celts number 5 pick. If I’m Boston I’d be tempted but as deep as this draft is, you can find a nice young player at number 5 and Ray Allen isn’t getting any younger. If it does go down, at least we won’t have to hear Ray bitch about Bruce Bowen 4 times a year.
Next pick is Atlanta, I think they need to take Mike Conley, but I’m thinking they’ll take Horford.
3. Atlanta – Al Horford
Yup, they took Horford. I think Conley could have helped this team a lot more, unless some delusional front office executive in Atlanta thinks Lue and Claxton are a good solution at the point. Looks like Stephen A. agrees with me. At least they didn’t give in and take Yi.
4. Memphs – Mike Conley, Jr.
Good pick by Memphis. The best point guard in the draft and he’s a solid point guard. He also fits with the Grizzlies’ offensive style. A lot of people have been comparing him to Tony Parker. I’m sure Memphis hopes he lives up to those comparisons.
Looks like the trade is going down. Wally, Delonte and the #5 pick going to Seattle with Allen going to Boston. Sam Presti’s already shaking things up.
5. Boston – Jeff Green
This will end up going to Seattle so the Sonics now have Durant, Green, Wally Szerbiak and Delonte West along with their current players. Supposedly Luke Ridnour and Rashard Lewis have been on the block as well.
6. Milwaukee – Yi Jianlian
I was expecting him to come either at this pick or the next. He may draw comparisons to Yao, but he’s nothing like Yao on the offensive end. He has good ball handling skills, can run the floor and finish at the rim.
I expect Joakim Noah to go to Minnesota next, especially with all the rumors of Kevin Garnett being traded.
7. Minnesota – Corey Brewer
Wow, suprised thy took Corey Brer. He’s a hell of a player, but I just expected they’d pick a post player. Great defensive player who after a few years could be a lock down defender similar to Bruce Bowen. But a lot more athletic and better offensive skills.
Joakim Noah could go here with Brezec now a free agent.
8. Charlotte – Brandan Wright
Another suprising pick and taken earlier than expected, but he may be a nice complement to Emeka Okafor. He may not stay in Charlotte though.
I think either Noah or Spencer Hawes go next to Chicago. They have to get someone in the low post. Someone that can eventually play the 4 next to Ben Wallace.
9. Chicago – Joakim Noah
Good pick for Chicago. Gives the Bulls a high energy player, and according to Henry Abbot from True Hoop, a genuine nice guy you can root for.
Hawes or Thornton should go to the Kings next.
10. Sacramento – Spencer Hawes
Hah, finally some of my picks are coming true. Good post player who’s skill set and offensive game reminds me a bit of Tim Duncan.
Atlanta has to get Acie Law here. It’s a lock, I tell you
11. Atlanta – Acie Law
Solid pickup after not taking Conley. I got to watch him a lot this year and he has great instincts. He also wants the ball in the clutch and I think he’l be a nice fit in Atlanta.
Al Thornton will go to the 76ers next. They need a lot of help and this is a good place to start.
12. Philadelphia – Thaddeus Young
Stephen A. called it, but I think Thornton would have been a better choice and better fit. Seems Jay Bilas agrees with me on this one. Thornton should have gone here and if they liked Young that much, I think he still would have been around when they pick at 21.
My prediction for New Orleans is either Thornton or Nick Young. Julian Wright is also a possibility.
13. New Orleans – Julian Wright
Why is Thornton falling. I’m sure the Wizards would love for him to fall to 16. Julian Wright is athletic, can run the floor and handle the ball like a point guard, but he won’t do much right away.
Clippers could use a guard like Stuckey or Crittenton, but they have a tough choice with Thornton still available.
14. Clippers – Al Thornton
It’s about time someone wakes up. Good move by the Clippers. I’m sure they were torn especially since they need to find a point guard to replace Shaun Livingston.
I think Stuckey will go to Detroit next.
15. Pistons – Rodney Stuckey
Pistons need a young guard and they got a good one with Stuckey. He’s a big guard that can play both guard positions. He doesn’t have many weaknesses.
16. Washington – Nick Young.
I expected him to go a bit higher, so Washington made a decent pick allthough they could’ve use some help up front. He actually reminds me a bit current Wizard Antonio Daniels, because they both try to penetrate and get to the rim. Daniels is a better defensive player.
Huge trade for New York. This makes a big difference for them bringing over Zach Randolph, a 20 and 10 player to put next to Eddy Curry and they trade Channing Frye and Steve Francis. Isiah Thomas actually makes a smart move for once, not only finding a way to get rid of Steve Francis but they get a stud back in return. They lose a good young big in Frye, but he didn’t have a great year and they’re much better off with David Lee
17. New Jersey – Sean Williams
They needed someone in the post and Sean Williams was probably the best available post player.
I’m thinking the Warriors go with Jason Smith
18. Golden State – Marco Belinelli
His stock kept on rising. Jeff was hoping he would fall to the Spurs and as I learned more about him, the more I was impressed. Good fit for the Warriors. I’m sure Mike D’Antoni had his eyes on him.
Lakers could get Smith or Rudy Fernandez. Hoping they don’t get Fernandez.
19. Lakers – Jarvaris Crittenton
Yes, they didn’t get Fernandez! Phil Jackson likes tall point guards so this isn’t too much of a surprise.
I’m puzzled on this one, thinking a small forward.
20. Miami – Jason Smith
A low post presence to play under Udonis Haslem.
76ers could go for a big like Tiago Splitter
21. Philadelpia – Daequan Cook
Athletic guard who may take a few years to develop.
22. Charlotte – Jared Judley
I was hoping he would fall to the second round for the Spurs picking. A high energy, blue collar team first player. I thought he was perfect for the Spurs, but Spurs are 6 pics away and Alando Tucker and Rudy Fernandez are still available..
Knicks might go after Wilson Chandler
23. New York – Wilson Chandler
Not too much of a surprise. Exactly the type of player Zeke likes. He’s a good athlete and should fit in well with the Knicks.
Phoenix could mess things up for me and pick Fernandez since they do a lot of international scouting, but they already have Nash and Barbosa at the point. I think they’ll go for a frontcourt player. Looks like Blazers will get the Suns pick and get Fernandez. There goes one off my wishlist.
24. Phoenix (Portland) – Rudy Fernandez
Fernandez it is. I could go on and on about Fernandez since he’s been on my wishlist for a few months, but I won’t.
I see the Jazz going after Morris Almond especially since Fisher at the 2 was often overmatched.
25. Utah – Morris Almond
Good pick, especially since I predicted it. For the reasons stated above, he’ll be good for the Jazz. They got their shooter.
I think Houston will go after a power forward. Someone like Splitter or Josh McRoberts.
26. Houston – Aaron Brooks
They go for a small point here. Another option behind Mike James and Rafer Alston, but they needed someone badly at power forward.
Hmmmm. Maybe Derrick Byars dor Detroit.
27. Detroit – Arron Afflalo
Good pick. A player I thought may fall, even to the Spurs. He’s a team leader and he kind of reminds me a bit of his soon to be teammate Rip Hamilton.
Spurs are next. They’ll probably take one of the following: Alando Tucker, Peteri Koponen or Gabe Pruitt. But they could surprise me abd go after Splitter.
28. Spurs – Tiago Splitter
There is no doubt Splitter is a good player, but he won’t play immediately and in watching a few Tau Ceramica games, I thought Luis Scola outplayed him. I thought they’d go after a player that could come in immediately and help them as well as make them a bit younger I’ll have an in-depth post on Splitter and the rest of the Spurs’ draft picks. .

29. Phoenix – Alando Tucker
I really like Tucker. Reminds me of Josh Howard a bit and I was hoping the Spurs would go after him.
30. Philadelphia – Petteri Koponen
Another on my wishlist gone. Good pick for the 76ers. Big point guard with great court vision.
End of the 1st round. I’m hoping the Spurs will draft Gabe Pruitt with #33. I’ll most likely only comment on the Spurs selections in the second round.
Boston just took Gabe Pruitt, who I was hoping the Spurs would take. That leaves me with, no one. Maybe Ramon Sessions.
33. Spurs – Marcus Wiliams
Good pick for the Spurs. I expected him to go in the first round but he dropped a bit. He’s 6-7 who can play both guard positions. Averaged 16 points and 6 rebounds for Arizona. More info on him tomorrow.

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