NBA Draft: Erick Green has second work out with Spurs


Erick GreenDespite the NBA Draft being just hours away, rumors surrounding the San Antonio Spurs have been quiet.  There was one bit of news earlier today and that was that Virginia Tech's Erick Green continues to peak the Spurs' interest.  According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, Green has now made two trips to San Antonio for a work out.

This somewhat jives with an NBA report that the Spurs made Green a promise with their first round pick.  In no way do I believe that promise was made, simply because I don't believe the Spurs would limit their options like that.  It does prove that the Spurs are very interested in the 6'3" point guard who led the nation in scoring last season.

If you're wondering what kind of player he is, think George Hill.  He's not quite as long, but has a better shot than Hill did coming in to the league.  There's no guarantee Green will be there at 28.  He's gotten interest from several teams drafting in the 20's.

Photo: Fannation