Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest 2021: Live Stream, Schedule, Preview, How to watch July 4th on TV

Hot Dog Eating Contest 2021

Happy Independence Day! Few holidays stand out like the Fourth of July if any can even come close. In the evening, night skies across the country will be aglow with bursts of red, white, and blue. An all-day-event, Independence Day is a celebration highlighted by the food and music as well as the festivities. Here, everything about Independence Day special Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest where, when and how to watch from anywher?

WhatNathan's Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest Live Stream
WhenSunday, July 4, 2021
TimeWomen's Contest - 11:30 a.m. EST / 8:30 a.m. PST

Men's Contest - 12 p.m. EST / 9 a.m. PST
WhereMaimonides Park on Coney Island - Brooklyn, New York
TV BroadcastESPN3 (Women's)
ESPN (Men's)
Live StreamClick here to watch (Worldwide)

Kicking off the day is the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest at Maimonides Park in Brooklyn, New York.

2021 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest Preview and linesup

The hot dog may not be original to the United States, but baseball’s perfect partner has certainly integrated itself into American culture. For decades now, it has become a part of the nation’s birthday as the catalyst of the Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest on Coney Island. Where there’s a competition, there’s a champion, and every champion loves an audience. Stream the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Contest Live stream here

Featuring a men’s and a women’s division, the hot dog-eating contest will once again have the full sportscast treatment via ESPN. It will even once again have play-by-play commentary from Mike Golic Jr. Professional eater Joey Chestnut is largely responsible for the event becoming as big as it is, arguably outgrowing the contest itself. The 13-time champion owns the record for the most number of hot dogs consumed in the 10-minute window at 75 hot dogs and buns.

In his 14 years participating, Chestnut has lost just once, losing to Matt Stonie in 2015. A rivalry of sorts, an ESPN article on the upset noted that Stonie won by just two hot dogs, consuming 62. Stonie wasn’t a part of last year’s pandemic-impacted contest, but will likely return for this year. In April, Stonie defeated Chestnut in the World Popcorn Eating Championship.

Where to watch Live Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest stream online?

ESPN and ESPN3 are providing coverage of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, while NBC is the broadcast partner for the Macy’s fireworks. Both channels are available with qualifying cable or satellite packages but can be difficult to watch if you’ve cut the cord. I recommend you check out PremiumTV. PremiumTV is an a la carte entertainment provider that allows you to purchase events from around the world. With no subscription or contract, and no VPN required, PremiumTV streams the content in high quality, without the strings.

What is the best TV Deals for 4th of july?

For the Fourth of July, PremiumTV has a few options for the above events, based on what you want. Both the men’s and women’s hot dog-eating contests can be purchased for one price of just $19.99. Access to the fireworks stream is just $14.99. Of course, both events fit together like, well, the Fourth of July and fireworks and hot dogs. PremiumTV has a package offer of the complete hot dog-eating contest and fireworks broadcasts for just $29.99.

All-Time Hot Dog Eating Contest Results


2020: Joey Chestnut, 75

2019: Joey Chestnut, 71

2018: Joey Chestnut, 74

2017: Joey Chestnut, 72

2016: Joey Chestnut, 70

2015: Matt Stonie, 62

2014: Joey Chestnut, 61

2013: Joey Chestnut, 69

2012: Joey Chestnut, 68

2011: Joey Chestnut, 62

2010: Joey Chestnut, 54

2009: Joey Chestnut, 68

2008: Joey Chestnut, 59

2007: Joey Chestnut, 66

2006: Takeru Kobayashi, 53.75

2005: Takeru Kobayashi, 49

2004: Takeru Kobayashi, 53.5

2003: Takeru Kobayashi, 44.5

2002: Takeru Kobayashi, 50

2001: Takeru Kobayashi, 50

2000: Kazutoyo Arai, 25.125

1999: Steve Keiner, 20.25

1998: Hirofumi Nakajima, 19

1997: Hirofumi Nakajima, 24.5

1996: Ed Krachie, 22.25

1995: Ed Krachie, 19.5

1994: Mike DeVito, 20

1993: Mike DeVito, 17

1992: Frank Dellarosa, 19

1991: Frank Dellarosa, 21.5

1990: Mike DeVito, 16

1989: Jay Green, 15.5

1988: Jay Green, 10

1987: Don Wolfman, 13.5

1986: Mark Heller, 15.5

1985: Oscar Rodriguez, 11.75

1984: Birgit Felden, 9.5

1983: Emil Gomez, 10.5

1982: Steven Abrams, 11

1981: Thomas DeBerry, 11

1980: Paul Siderman and Joe Baldini, 9

1979: Thomas Stash, 19

1978: Manel Hollenback, 10

1974: Roberto Muriel, 10

1972: Jason Schechter, 14


2020: Miki Sudo, 48.5

2019: Miki Sudo, 31

2018: Miki Sudo, 37

2017: Miki Sudo, 41

2016: Miki Sudo, 38

2015: Miki Sudo, 38

2014: Miki Sudo, 34

2013: Sonya Thomas, 36.75

2012: Sonya Thomas, 45

2011: Sonya Thomas, 40