Nash not angered by Diaw signing in San Antonio


Before the season started few predicted the Phoenix Suns would be in the thick of the playoff race, but there they are.  The Suns are 26-26, just a game and a half behind Houston for the eighth seed.  Is this Steve Nash’s last ride he’s making it a pretty good one but they definitely still need help.  That being said, the Suns still need help.  The trade deadline came and went without a move being made and then didn’t signed any of the guys who got bought out.  That prompted the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey to write that Nash was furious the Suns didn’t go after current San Antonio Spurs forward Boris Diaw.  Over the weekend, Nash denied the report.

“It’s the first I’ve heard of it. Obviously, I’d love to have Boris on the team but I never talked to anybody in New York,” Nash said.

A couple things about this.  Peter Vecsey is batting about .200 when it comes to the accuracy of his reports over the last handful of years.  Second, while Boris Diaw may have helped the Suns sneak in to the playoffs this season, but that shouldn’t be the goal for the Suns.  The goal should be making a move to keep Nash in Phoenix.  Whether it’s offering someone like Brook Lopez a nice, fat contract or getting lucky with a high draft pick.  As Nash said in the Vince Marotta piece, they need a go to scorer.  Or they need to focus on rebuilding without Nash if he bolts this summer.  Either way, Diaw isn’t the answer.

I think Diaw so far has fit in great in San Antonio.  Having said that, he wouldn’t have been a game changer in Phoenix and he won’t be a game changer with the Spurs.  He’s good for 15 to 20 minutes a game, some nice defense, rebounding and some nifty passing.  I like Diaw on the Spurs, I wouldn’t like him as much on the Suns.