Nando De Colo ready for NBA


Nando De ColoThe Spurs drafted Nando De Colo back in 2009, hoping their streak of success with foreign-born players would continue. Since then, he hasn’t been ready to make the leap to the NBA and he’s been playing for the Spanish League team Valencia.

This summer, his contract will be up and he says he may finally be ready to play in the NBA. For now, he’s focused on finishing out his season, but after that remains up in the air.

“It is normal that other clubs now talk to my agent that I am at the end of my contract,” De Colo said. “But I insist that I’m just thinking of the remainder of season. I’m at home in Valencia, I never said anything bad about the team or city. The NBA is still my ultimate goal. I look ready to leap. If I am not now, I will not ever. These years in Europe have helped me to grow.”

De Colo’s contract is up at the end of June and then we will get to see what his final decision is. He’s a very talented player that could provide even more depth for the Spurs at guard along with Parker and Patty Mills.

However, the Spurs already have Cory Joseph in Austin and they would likely look to see how he has progressed before thinking about De Colo, but De Colo will also have a chance to prove himself with the French National team during the Olympics this summer in London.