More NBA teams to wear short sleeved jerseys next season


When I first saw this article last season about the Golden State Warriors unveiling the short sleeve uniforms made by Adidas, my first thought was why are they wearing one of those give away t-shirts during a game.

Thinking this must have been a new design that got “leaked out” to gauge the fans reaction.  I thought it would follow in the tradition of the San Francisco 49ers new logo that saw the day of light for one day.

The Warriors, after mixed reviews, decided to move forward and have the team wear the short sleeve jersey in games (although I have to see any Warriors  fan wearing the jersey).

During the Las Vegas, the San Antonio Spurs also donned the short sleeve jersey made by Adidas.  Looking at them they didn’t seem too bad and didn’t think much of it.

Now, according to Steve Kyler of HOOPSWORLD and USA Today Sports, currently there are five teams that have added the short sleeve jersey to their collection full time.  While another 20 teams will be donning the jersey at least once during the upcoming season. Will the Spurs be one of those 20 teams remains to be seen.

So Spurs fans, would you be rushing to your local retailer that sells jerseys and plop down your hard earned money for a San Antonio Spurs short sleeve jersey? How do you feel about the look?