Monty Williams getting frustrated


It has to be tough to be an NBA coach, it has to be even tougher when you coach one of the worst teams in the league. Sometimes you’re just outmatched talent-wise and no matter how good of a coach you are, it’s not going to make up the difference.

New Orleans Hornets coach and former San Antonio Spurs player/coach Monty Williams got dealt a bad hand this year when the Hornets traded away their All-Star Chris Paul. No one expected them to do anything, and they haven’t even really lived up to those expectations. The Hornets are 4-23, and Coach Williams is starting to get frustrated.

“Our record is not what I expected,” said Williams. “When I look at the film and see situations where I could have helped, I’m more frustrated with that than I am about a guy missing a shot or getting a turnover, because ultimately I put him in that spot. The frustration of coaching can cause you to do some things, like not talk to the media ever again. But at the same time, it’s part of the job; frustration goes along with it.’’

It is part of the job, but Williams is going to have to get things under control. He can’t be screaming and demeaning his players. He’s going to have to accept what he has: a sub-par basketball team.

The Hornets are not going anywhere, and everybody knows that. Williams is either going to have to ride out this wave until the team can get some talent, or he’s going to have to accept that his job is a lost cause, and he’ll be moving on to something better soon enough.

Coach Pop had the best advice for Williams, he told him to smile more. Easier said than done, right Pop?