Mills takes a trip back home for the season starts


For NBA players, the offseason is a brief couple of months where they get to relax, spend time with family and friends and enjoy life a little bit before the grueling NBA schedule takes it all away. For international players, it gets a bit trickier. Even with the time off, it’s still quite a challenge to the schedule to hop on a plane and travel halfway across the world.

Between the San Antonio Spurs’ season and the Olympics in London, guard Patty Mills managed to find some time to travel back to Australia to visit some of his family members.

Mills’ cousin, Tim Comforth, is a rugby player for the Southland Stags and apparently the two are like brothers. They don’t get to see each other much though because their respective sports are very demanding on their schedules.

While Mills was visiting last weekend, he was a big hit with the rest of the Southland Stags team. He posed for pictures and signed autographs with the players.

Comforth says his cousin was a heck of a rugby player too and could have played professionally had he stuck with it instead of basketball. I think Mills made the right choice.

Mills’ trip home had to be a quick one though. He only stayed for the weekend before he had to hop on a plane back to the U.S. It’s one of the downsides of being an international basketball player. The NBA season is so long that it hardly gives you any time to see your friends and family back home. I’m glad Patty Mills got a little bit of time to enjoy himself before training camp starts in just a couple of weeks.