Michael Jordan still has hops at 50-years old


For your average fifty year old athlete, most of his days are spent hitting the golf links, reliving his glory days and commenting about discussions regarding how he would compare with today’s Superstars. These athletes know well that their best days are far behind them and trying to go against their counter parts today would not end up well.

But as "His Airness" Michael Jordan showed during his playing days, pre-Wizards experiment, he is not your average athlete and by the following picture he is not your average 50-year old. 


This was taken in Santa Barbara during one of Jordan’s MJ Flight School/basketball camp.  Jordan showed the campers he has not lost all of the jumping ability that had everyone on the 1980s wanting to “be like Mike” and flying to the basket with their tongues wagging. 

Jordan is showing some of the campers that he still capable of throwing down dunks like the Old Jordan who was telling Mars Blackmon (NY Knicks Super fan) that it wasn’t the shoes.

For the younger generations, they only know Jordan by the either the Wizards experience or as the General Manager of the both of which are nothing to be fondly remembered.

By giving them some face to face contact, he continues to expand the Jumpman brand’s loyal customer base by making these appearances. 

Ensuring that another generation wants to “be like Mike”.

Well San Antonio Spurs’ fans, how many of you saw this picture and had the urge to go to your local basketball court and try to fly to the rim with your tongue hanging out? Who knows, maybe David Robinson can show us he still has it too?