World Peace says no one is getting past Lakers


Metta World PeaceThere’s a long list of people already hopping on the Lakers’ hype train, including myself. Now we can add one more. Metta World Peace said in a radio interview that he believes his team has what it takes to win it all.

"With the way the Lakers are looking this year, I don't see anybody getting past us this year at all," World Peace said. 

As much as I hate to say it, I really do agree with MWP. Ever since the trade for Dwight Howard, I’ve thought the Lakers were a championship caliber team. Of course, that theory could all go down in a blaze if someone gets injured or if the team just doesn't’t gel like I think it will.


Now, Metta World Peace would probably say the same thing if the Lakers had picked up Andray Blatche instead of Howard, that’s just the type of guy he is. He’s never going to sell himself or his team short, and he’s always going to promise more than he can deliver. I just think this time he might be right.

Aside from Howard, the Lakers also picked up Steve Nash and Antawn Jamison. I feel like Nash is going to be almost as important to the Lakers’ new puzzle as Dwight is, and Jamison could play a big part as well.

"People forget how much a great rebounder he is,” MWP said of Jamison. “He's one of the greatest rebounders of the game, he has the best touch out of everybody in the NBA, best touch out of all the big men in the game."

Again, a little bit of an extreme statement, but classic World Peace.

The start of the season is not too far away and the Lakers already have a huge target on their backs. We’ll see if Metta World Peace and the rest of his teammates can live up to some of the highest expectations the NBA has ever seen.