Memphis Owner Pera wants Michael Jordan one-on-one


A few rules to live by — you don’t put on Superman’s cape and jump out of a high rise building, spit in to the wind or eat yellow snow. One can also add another rule to live by — don’t challenge Michael Jordan to a basketball game. However, it appears no one shared this last rule with Memphis Grizzlies owner Robert Pera.

Pera is no slouch when comes to playing basketball. He does have some game. Some game! Not enough to topple Jordan one-on-one.

After challenging Tony Allen and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to a game of one-on-one, Pera thought the next logical step would be to challenge Jordan to a game.


Pretty gutsy to call out MJ if you ask me.

Jordan’s desire to win was so intense that fights broke out due to frustration with opponents, teammates during games and practices that they became a common thing. Just ask Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller.

Don’t forget, Jordan might still be able to hold his own on the court so Pera shouldn't even start to think MJ's age would be a handicap.

After thinking bout this match up, the only positive I see out of this situation is the $1 million that will be given to charity.

This begs a question San Antonio Spurs fans – which Spur would you love to see Spurs owner Peter Holt take on one-on-one? Perhaps coach Pop?

(h/t PTP)