McGee and Blatche suspended for tomorrow's game


The San Antonio Spurs will face a depleted Washington Wizards team tomorrow in San Antonio as JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche have been suspended by the team due to an altercation between the two players:

A Wizards spokesperson said on Friday that it was “simply a disagreement between teammates,” but a day later, President Ernie Grunfeld determined that the dispute went much deeper. “After further investigation into an incident on Thursday night, we concluded that Andray and JaVale conducted themselves in an unprofessional manner. As a result, both players will be suspended for tomorrow’s game at San Antonio,” Grunfeld said in a statement. (source

The incident referred to occurred Friday night:

Multiple league sources have confirmed that teammates Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee were involved in an altercation outside an area club early Friday morning.

Witnesses have said that the players were screaming expletives at each other, but two league sources added that Blatche and McGee also exchanged several punches at the Shadow Room in Northwest Washington.

A Wizards spokesman released a statement late Friday that read, “The team looked into the matter earlier today and determined it was simply a disagreement between teammates.” (source

This will help the Spurs seeing how both Blatche and McGee present issues for the Spurs offensively and defensively. Now the Spurs should not be complacent and not play down to the Wizards.