Maybe Manu Ginobili Really Is Going To Play Basketball Forever

Manu Ginobili

We’ve spent so much time during 2017 debating things concerning Kawhi Leonard when it comes to the San Antonio Spurs.

What little time wasn’t devoted to Leonard was spent applauding the LaMarcus Aldridge renaissance, led by Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. This, of course, was intertwined with the former subject, as people wondered how Kawhi and Aldridge would mesh together.

Kawhi came back, the Spurs lost, and then the Spurs won again; however, it wasn’t the shoulders of #2 that San Antonio stood on, it was the never-relinquishing drive of Manu Ginobili that propelled them to victory.

For the second time in just over a week, fans saw a Spurs opponent being served a tall glass of Grandpa Juice in the game’s final seconds. Both Boston and Dallas are recently well aware of Ginobili’s heroics, and all of that came in spite of the Leonard and Aldridge discussion.

Every year it’s the same old song and dance with Manu… he’s going to play forever.

If there was ever a player in the history of the Spurs, hell in the history of professional basketball, that really was going to live on well beyond the days he put on a jersey, would it not be Manu Ginobili?

In the midst of all the Kawhi drama, LaMarcus rising to where we’ve wanted him to be, Ginobili and his greatness have remained one of the lone constants.

The Spurs are who they are in large part due to the aforementioned Gregg Popovich; however, within the very fabric of their being lies one indestructible line of rope, and he wears #20 for the silver and black.

Even when he hangs them up for good, Manu Ginobili will indeed play forever.



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