Mavs’ Terry: Jackson trade was a no-brainer


Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Terry isn’t well received among San Antonio Spurs fans. From his constant verbal shots at the Spurs to his pure disdain for the Spurs, Terry never shies away from adding fuel to the Spurs-Mavs rivalry.

And tonight that rivalry will be fired up again as the Spurs and Mavs square off in Dallas.

Not only should it be another thrilling game, it could mark the debut of Stephen Jackson back in a black and silver uniform. Jackson was acquired via trade with the Warriors for Richard Jefferson and Terry says he would have made the trade as well.

“I think that’s what they needed, they wanted to get Jefferson out of there. If you can get Stephen Jackson for Richard Jefferson, I would have did it, too. And he’s a Wildcat. So that was a no-brainer.”

“He won his championship with them (in 2003), so he’s very confident over there on their team, and he’s a tough competitor.”

And not only did Terry feel the Jackson trade was a good move, Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle also feels the Spurs made a huge move.

“I understand the reasons they did it. Jackson’s all-around playing ability is tremendous and he has experience in their system so they’re comfortable with him. I’m sure he’ll play great.”

As for Terry’s comment, soak it in Spurs fans, this is a rare moment he didn’t fire off a verbal-jab at the Spurs.