Mavs hoping to form own ‘Big 3’ this summer


The Dallas Mavericks are currently in 4th place in the Western Conference at 21-13, and though they’re still capable of putting a strong run together to finish the season, the Mavs could be crossing their fingers win or lose this season.

The reason is because after this season, there’s a chance the Mavs could land two possible big name free agents in Orlando’s Dwight Howard and New Jersey’s Deron Williams.

According to the New York Daily News, that is exactly the Mavs’ goal this summer.

The ultimate disaster for New Jersey would be if Williams and Howard end up playing together, but not in Brooklyn. With some roster alterations that are doable, including using their one amnesty move on Brendan Haywood, the Mavs could be set up, cap-wise, to accommodate both players.

“The Mavs want to do what Miami did and put together their own big three,’’ said another GM. “That’s their goal.”

Williams privately told members of the Mavs last June during their Finals celebration that he would love to go back home and be a part of team with Dirk Nowitzki.

A lot of cards would have to fall in place for a move like this to take place. The first date to keep an eye on is the March 15 NBA trade deadline, if Howard isn’t dealt before that date, then the Mavs’ chances will have increased.

What say you Spurs fans? How would you feel if the Mavs were to get Howard and Williams and the effect on the Spurs?

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