Mavs 2006 game 7 win over Spurs ranks among biggest Dallas playoff wins


Compiling a top 10 list of the biggest wins in Dallas Mavericks’ franchise playoff history is a difficult task given the fact every Dallas playoff run has ended in futility. Furthermore, no Mavericks’ biggest playoff win list would be without mentioning the San Antonio Spurs.

But that is exactly what Richie Whitt at the Dallas Observer did. He was brave enough to make such a list and it included gems such as:

10) 6.2.88 — Mavs 105, Lakers 103: The Mav’s won game 6 of the 88′ Western Conference Finals forcing a game 7. Of course they lost game 7 making a top ten win in team history come in a series they lost. This isn’t the last time it happened.

6)  6.11.06 — Mavs 99, Heat 85: This win came in game 2 of the 06 NBA Finals, and it would be the last game they win. The 6th biggest win in franchise history apparently happened in a series that they not only lost, but was one of the biggest choke job’s in NBA History. It’s like listing game 3 of the 04 American League championship series one of the biggest win’s in Yankee history. But when you are short on big win’s you gotta take em’ where you can get ’em.

3)  5.22.06 — Mavs 119, Spurs 111: Game 7 West Semi’s. The Mavericks beat the Spurs and finally get the best of their rival. Though continuing with the running theme on Dallas big win’s this came in a season where they choked away the title to Miami. You almost start feeling sorry for the Mav’s at this point.

Ah yes. The infamous 2006 Spurs-Mavericks playoff game seven. It still stings Spurs fans to know that was perhaps the nearest the team got to defending a title. Speaking of titles, Dallas did go on to face the Miami Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals only to choke a two-game lead over the Heat en route to losing in six games. Just saying.

So what’s worse: losing a game seven in the Western Conference Semifinals or choking a two-game lead in the NBA Finals?