Matt Bonner has no musical talent


San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner recently did an interview with Dime Magazine where he talked about his “Sneakers and Speakers” charity event in New Hampshire. Matt and his brother Luke get some Indie bands to come play at a small venue and there’s a silent auction and a raffle all to raise money for charity. They’ve done it six years in a row now and it seems like a really fun event.

During the interview, we also got some insight into Matt Bonner’s lack of musical talent. It seems he was only blessed with basketball skills.

“I had trouble with Hot Cross Buns on the recorder,” Bonner said. “It’s really bad. I’m from a basketball family not a musical one. I can’t sing. I have trouble even clapping to a beat.”

He went on to share a funny story about how he went to a Tom Rush concert, only to be called out for not clapping correctly in front of a room full of people over 50.

“We started clapping trying to get all of the old people to clap along to the song. [Rush] was by himself, doing an acoustic set. The old people didn’t want to join us so we were the only ones clapping. Luke and I were clapping as loud as we could along to the beat. He stopped playing the guitar during the chorus and corrected our clapping. He looked right at us and was like (Bonner starts to claps) to get us clapping the right way. Then he went back to playing and singing. It was hilarious. So that sums up our family’s musical talents.”

The rest of the interview gives some insight into what Bonner is like off the court. He’s really dedicated to helping other people and seems like one of the nicest guys around. I love reading these pieces that really help you get to know the athletes that you only get to see out on the court. It’s a good read.