Matt Bonner bothered he didn’t get an invite


San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner is averaging 50% from the three-point line this season and leads the NBA in three-point field-goal percentage yet he did not receive an invite from the NBA to participate in the 2011 NBA Three-Point Shootout at All-Star weekend in Los Angeles.

So what does Bonner have to say about this?

“Yeah it bothers me. Obviously that’s kind of like my All-Star game. It’s what I do. I shoot threes. It didn’t happen again this year. I think I hurt my knee. I got a bone bruise and I missed three or four weeks. I guess that was cause enough for them (NBA) to keep me out again.”

Those who will be invited are Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson, James Jones, Paul Pierce, and Dorell Wright.

Bonner’s three-point shooting percentage is still better than each of the players invited. Just saying.

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