Matchup of the Game: Spurs vs. Warriors Game 5


The matchup of the Game for Game 5 will be between Manu Ginobili and Jarrett Jack.

San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili had a breakout game for the series in Game 4 with 21 points (8-18 FG) and 50% shooting (5-10) from beyond the arc, but the team still fell to the Golden State Warriors. While Ginobili had a great game, the majority of his points came in the first half with 0 points in overtime. The Spurs will need him to have a balanced game, scoring throughout the game, and making his jumpers to make the defense stop collapsing in the paint. Jarrett Jack also had a great shooting night with 24 points (9-16 FG) for the Warriors off the bench and will look to have a repeat performance as the team's sixth man.

What Ginobili must do on offense:

Manu has to be active on the offensive end and encourage his teammates to keep in motion. One of the troubles the Spurs have had is reverting back to their old style offense when the Big 3 were in their prime. Role players have become stand still shooters and have no movement in the offense, which puts pressure on Ginobili to be the sole creator of the offense. Unless the Spurs move and force the defense to move with them, Ginobili will have trouble getting by defenders on consistently during Game 5. He'll have to make his 3-point shots also, a shot he's shooting 34% this postseason.

What Ginobili must do on defense:

Early on in Game 4, Ginobili was causing havoc on the defensive end by pressuring the ball and using his hands in passing lanes. He'll have to do the same throughout the game too ruin any rhythm the Warriors may try to build. The Warriors' big men aren't the best passers out of pressure, so Manu using his long arms will have an effect this game if he chooses to be aggressive on the defensive end. An aggressive defensive Manu will also help the Spurs to easier transition points at home. The Spurs have been switching on defense depending on who they pick up in transition in the 1-3 positions, so it may be likely Ginobili may cover any of the smalls of the Golden State Warriors.