Matchup of the Game: Spurs vs Warriors Game 3


The matchup of the game for Game 3 will be between Tim Duncan and Andrew Bogut.

Tim Duncan scored 23 points and 9 rebounds in Game 2 while shooting 9-20 (45%) from the field. Duncan will likely have to be more of a factor on the offensive end in the post, which would force the game to slow down to the San Antonio Spurs' advantage. Bogut was the opposite and has been for the entire series so far. He's averaging 5.8ppg and 7.7rpg the entire playoffs. In game 2, he only chipped in 6 points (2-3) and 11 rebounds. He hasn't been a factor so far and that may be key in this matchup for the Spurs to defeat the Golden State Warriors on their homecourt.

What Duncan must do on offense:

The Warriors had one game plan against Duncan and that was collapsing on him in the paint when he would try to post up. The few times Duncan got good shots or an And 1 play was when he would look to score right away instead of letting the defense come at him. Duncan has to get position quickly or kick out the ball and re-position to get good looks on the floor. He can't be holding on to the ball for too long because the Warriors are tall and athletic, which present problems for passing lanes and shooters. Duncan has also been somewhat hesitate when he catches the ball in mid range territory and has to look to catch and shoot from the start to get the best possible look.

What Duncan must do on defense:

The Spurs' defense has suffered this series, especially the perimeter defense. As much as that goes on the team's wing players, the big men also have a role here. The Warriors have been setting up screens to give their shooters open looks. The Spurs haven't tried to counter that and instead have opted to play back in the paint. The team has to focus on stopping the 3-point shooting of the Warriors and making them a 2-point scoring team. Duncan will have to contest shots and force smaller shooters like Stephen Curry away from the 3-point line when a pick is set on his guy. There shouldn't be much worry on Bogut since he hasn't been much of a factor this series, especially if there's help in the paint for the big helping on the pick. The Spurs can match the Warriors' buckets for two points, but they can't match their scoring from beyond the arc.